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Giving Back

Focused on Our Community

The Fruit Center Marketplace makes every effort to support our local non-profit organizations and charities. If you would like the Fruit Center to consider donating to your charity or local organization, please download this document, fill it out, and return it to one of our stores at least 30 days before any event or scheduled deadline.

If you would like to see who we supported in 2015, you can download a list of the groups we supported last year.







School fundraising week

for local Milton and Hingham schools

Thank you to all the schools and families that participated in this year's fundraising program. Below you'll find the total amount each school earned this year:


Derby Academy - $465

East School - $1660

Foster School - $935

Hingham High - $1140

Hingham Middle - $245

Plymouth River - $530

Norte Dame Academy - $110

St. Paul - $650

South School - $280



Collicot - $580

Cunningham - $650

Fontbonne Academy - $50

Glover - $300

Milton High - $735

Pierce Middle - $685

St. Agatha - $385

St. Mary of the Hills - $350

Tucker - $75